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Monday, 17 August 2015

Damin's Speech

Good morning/Good afternoon boys and girls.

How would you feel if someone took something of yours and said, "This is mine!!!" You would be angry! Wouldn’t you? Korea is angry too, because Japan said Dokdo Island is Japan's island. If you see a Korean historical map you can see Dokdo island, but you wouldn't see Dokdo anywhere on a Japanese historical map.

Dokdo island is in the sea of Japan and is betweenKorea and Japan. Dokdo island is 215km from mainland Korea and 250km from Japan. Dokdo is made out of two islands. Dongdo and Seodo, which have 89 small islands around them.

The population in Dokdo is only three people. All three people who live on Dokdo are from Korea, not Japan. Many birds and plants live on Dokdo and many fish live around Dokdo. Dokdo is at place where the Japan Sea and Korea sea meet, so many people said Dokdo is rich fishing ground.

Dokdo is an integral part of Korean territory but Japan kept insisting Dokdo was Japan’s island. In 1889 Daehanjudo, the Korean map, records Dokdo as Korean territory, Dokdo was not Japanese territory as evidenced by Dalijudo the Japanese map, of 1877. In the past, when Japan and Russia ware having a war, Japan used Dokdo Island to put their guns and missiles. At the end of the Japan and Korean War, Japan won so Japan wrote this – Dokdo is Japan’s island, but the Korean people didn’t agree.

In 2013, a Japanese historian said Dokdo is a Korean Island. So, why does the Korean government have to struggle with Japan over which country Dokdo Island is a part of. The indifference of the international society does not help the issue. Around the world there are people who don’t know of Dokdo, or think that Dokdo is ‘Takeshima’.

Many Korean people try to let the world know Dokdo belongs to Korea. Kim-Jang-hoon let the world know about Dokdo. A Korean CEO tried to let the world know about Dokdo by selling a cup with a map of Dokdo as part of Korea. Some people who insisted Dokdo was Korean territory performed a flash mob. Seng-Char-Lee, a famous Korean singer made a song about how Dokdo is a Korean Island.

More importantly it is your concerns and efforts that Dokdo needs. Don’t forget that Dokdo is a Korean Island. It is not Takeshima, it is Dokdo!!! In the past, in the present and in the future, Dokdo will be a Korean Island forever!!!

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