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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Happy Childrens' Day

Today is korean children's day! And maybe some one say... "What is children's day?" 

Jung Huan Bang made  children's day.He always thought 'children are very important for the future. They have a good and important job, but if we don't make a Children's Day, the children won't do good work'. So he made Children's Day. He was a good teacher and he worked in schools so he really thought about children. So in this future he made a children's day.

We play on Children's Day and parents give presents to the children. Children don't have to go to school, they don't have to go to the academy or do any work. In New Zealand we don't have any Children's Day, but in Korea we have Children Day.

I am really proud of Jung Huan Bang because he thought about us so I'm really thankful to him. He is a great person and a great teacher.

Today is Children's Day, so we have to play!!!!

By Sarah (Sumin)


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