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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Learning outside

We are learning about plurals.

Today we made a list of single and plural things we saw in the school grounds.

Philip, Alice and Jimin.

Boys learning outside

We had fun learning in the playground today. 

We are learning about singular and plurals. We found 9 plural things and 8 singular things in the playground.

Yisan and Yikang

Learning to help others

We have been learning to help others and today we helped Mr P in the garden.

We learned to sweep and rake and pull out weeds.

Jimin, Yisan, Yikang, Alice and Philip.

Fun Friday

Fun Friday - having fun using our imaginations and being creative with play dough.

Seunghoon, Damin and Dahae.

Jimin's first day at school

Jimin's first day in ESOL

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Korean New Year

This year Korean New Year was on the 19th of February. It is mostly on the same day, as Chinese New Year. On Korean New Year, Korean people eat special food. Some special food is Tteokguk and jeon. Jeon has many different kinds my favourite jeon is Kim Chi jeon. On Korean New Year children play special games and wear their hanbok. Some special games are flying kites, tuho and yunnori. Hanbok is Korean special clothes. On New Year adults give money to children, the children do sebeh to adults. This is when the children kneel on the ground and bow. Korean New Year is still important for the Korean people because at New Year people get one year older. I like Korean New Year because my dad gives me a present. By Jaehyeon

Korean New Year

English new year is first of January, but Korean new year is not the same. It is the first day of the lunar calendar.

On Korean New Year the Korean people eat tteokguk. Tteokguk is rice cake soup and Korean people eat it for good luck. The white rice cake means pure and clean. Korean people also eat jeon on Korean New Year. Jeon is like the pancake. There is kimchi or vegetables inside the jeon.

On Korean New Year, children wear hanbok and eat tteokguk or jeon. The children do special games like yunnori, tuho and flying kites. The children do sebeh for their parents or grandparents. Then the adults give money to the children. If the children don't do that, there is no money.

On Korean New Year, children and adults get one year older. Korean New Year is the same time as Chinese New Year. On Korean New Year all Korean people have 3 days holiday, New Years Eve, and the first and second day of New Year. Korean people still celebrate new year and I like Korean new year because it has 3 holidays!

By Dahae
Rm 5

Alice working in class

Yesterday I was sick. I stayed at home. I was sad, my mum was sad.

I had a sore head. I stayed in bed.

Yisan's favourite things

I like to play with Lego. I bring it to school for sharing in class. I like to play with Lego because I like to build big, tall buildings.

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Yihyo writing in class

I like writing stories because it is fun. I like writing about things I do at home.

Picture for Yisan's blog

Yisan at Fun Friday

I'm eating a hotdog. I made it with play dough. It was yummy.

I used a pencil to hold it. It was fun to make.

The play doughs colour is my favourite colour.

Philip at Fun Friday

I made a play dough spider. I'm good at making play dough. It is fun.

Yikang at Fun Friday

I made a spider with my play dough. 

I made the body first, then the long legs, tHen I put them all together.

I also made a spider web.

We had a competition and I won. I feel very happy. 

Yikang playing in the sandpit

I like to play in the huge sandpit at school because I can roll, build and make a big sand tunnel with my friends.

Writing in class

We wrote a recount of our weekend using our new whiteboards.

We are learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives.