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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Donghoon's Duathlon

In the morning, at T.P.S, have a Duathlon at the school field. I run and swim with year 4 boys.

First, I came to school wear blue shirt. Then I got changed in my swimming suit. Next I sat under the tree with my house colour. After that I went to the start line and I heard Ready, Set, Go! I run to the road and then I went swimming.

I am so sad because I came last at the finish line.

By Donghoon

TPS Duathlon

Yesterday was fabulous TPS Duathlon . I was in the house called Huria.First

In the morning we did middle school then senior and then junior.

Then, I saw my mum and my aunty cheering me.So I got more energy and tried to

bit Ryliegh.But I was too tired.So I came 6th.It was fun.

By Jiyong


My name is Eunjin.
I have 1sister and 1brother.
I like cross stitch.
I faverait food is sushi and fish.
I like cats, kittens and puppy.

By Eunjin

Sejin's Duathlon

On Tuesday 25th February me and my friends and Yr6s and Yr5s went on the school field and ready for running because today is the duathlon.

I felt very happy because I finished the run.

By Sejin

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

T.P.S Duathlon

Today I ran and swimming at school because the school had a Duathlon. all the children and people were raning and swimming. I came 6th. I felt proud.

By Jae Hyeon

T.P.S Duathlon

To Days I swim and run at T.p.s. I was fast. I felt happy.

By Sarah

Seung hoon

Hye kyo

Thursday, 20 February 2014


my name is Sarah. I like frogs.

By Sarah


My name is Jidam. I'm good at writing. I like iPads.


My name is Sejin. I have one older sister and one younger brother.My
school name is Tauranga Primary School. I from Korea and I came the NZ
because I learn the English. I love family and I love Korea ,too.

By Sejin

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My name is Joshua. I am good at zipping up my bag. I like everything!

Monday, 17 February 2014


My name is Jae hyeon. I like base ball. I don't like punching.

by Jae Hyeon

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My name is Donghoon. I am good at Maths. I like swimming.

By Donghoon

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